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We offer a valuable support system for your company's health virtually or at your place.
We help companies and organizations to get more focused, healthier and prosperous employees with the help of all yoga tools.

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Many scientific studies around the world show us that yoga tools can relieve the symptoms of stress and long working days. Symptoms such as back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, anxiety, sleep problems, fatigue and lack of motivation are very common in the workplace, even if employers are not aware of it.

What we do

We start with an evaluation meeting where we talk about the needs in your workplace and discuss the different options. We decide which plan best fits your company.

Our workshops and classes help to create a sense of teamwork and collective health. If everyone feels good and balanced, the whole group draws a healthy dynamic in the workplace.


Our goal is to prevent and manage mental and physical illness in the workplace. We spend a large part of our lives at work. Increased well-being in the workplace can mean less sick leave, increased efficiency, productivity and thus increased profitability for the company.

Choose from these yoga classes:

Dynamic Yoga - Ashtanga Vinyasa for strength, balance and mobility.

Ashtanga Vinyasa is an energetic class that builds warmth in the body but calms the mind.

Benefits: stronger and more flexible body, increases concentration, can help the mind to calm down, increases blood circulation and oxygen content in the blood, gets heat and energy in the body, stretches and strengthens muscles, builds the immune system and helps with sleep disorders.

Yin - Restorative for mobility, relaxation and recovery.

During the Yin-Restorative classes, we hold the positions longer. The positions are calm and relieve different parts of the body.

Benefits: calms body and mind, complements other exercises, easy to perform, suits everyone, reduces stress and anxiety, contributes to a greater conscious presence, increases mobility in joints and muscles, creates inner peace and increases energy levels.

Bodymind for strength but also rest and relaxation.

In this class, we combine yoga movements, breathing exercises, meditation or mindfulness and other tools to restore and maintain physical and mental health. This is a quiet, unpretentious class that suits everyone.

Benefits: creates higher awareness in body and mind, softens the body, counteracts stress, promotes good sleep, builds strength.


We have created a package for you who want to combine two or more of them the following:

Yoga at work
Stress management

In other words, you combine team building, yoga and workshops in a wellness package. We also offer personal advice to both employees and managers if needed or individual yoga sessions. Together, we create a plan for how we can improve well-being in the workplace.

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