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Professional and Personalized


A Holistic Approach

Imagine once a week coming to a safe space. You drink a cup of tea, talk it out, you leave everything else outside the door, you are being taken care of, pampered, without expectations or goals, you can be yourself, relax, move, take a fresh breath, and rest, pain-free, worry-free.

Working Out at Home
Online Yoga


Aligning With Yourself

Online  Pre- Recorded Courses is a much-needed break from the stress and speed of everyday life. Grab a mat and relax into a soothing sequences that will leave you feeling centered and renewed. Book online today.


Take your knowledge to the next level

Become a certified yoga teacher at home or take your continuing education to the next level. All our trainings are approached from a Yoga Therapy lens where wellbeing, inclusivity, respect to the difference of each individual is a priority. Yoga is a therapeutic tool that has to be used differently depending on each situation. We focus both on knowledge derived from yoga but also western medicine and research.

Yoga Class
Pool Yoga Class


Take a break

Take this chance to unwind, recover, rest, yoga, enjoy the sun, the sea and of course greek food.

Everyday life is filled with stress and worries that create an imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. Our Retreat wants to give you tools, inspiration and motivation to improve your everyday life. Above all, we want to give you the opportunity to create quality time with yourself to just rest and be.


Prevent and Manage

We offer a valuable support system for your company's health virtually or at your place.
We help companies and organizations to get more focused, healthier and prosperous employees with the help of all yoga tools.

Fun at Yoga
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